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The woman, fourth to the right, is Mary Ellen Henderson and the other ladies are unknown.

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Coop located at 307 S. Maple Ave.

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The little boy is Edwin M. Henderson

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2 items: photograph of Henderson family home circa 1940s

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307 S. Maple and chicken coup directly on Lee Hwy, a new road addition in 1922 that cut across the Henderson family property leaving the barn on one side of Lee Hwy and the House on the other"

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Letter regarding harassing phone calls to the Henderson home. It is interesting to note that there is an FBI file on E. B. Henderson dating from the late 1940s to late 1950s.

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Mary Ellen Henderson, wife to right, his mother to his left (Louisa Mars Henderson) and Cato Adams, his best friend is seated.

A collaborative project between: African and African American Studies, George Mason University, and the Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation. Funding was provided in part by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.