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Audio Interviews


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Topics discussed: Childhood, Education, Racial Discrimination, Transportation, Shopping, Midwifery, Sports

Locations discussed: Washington D.C.

Individuals discussed: Lola Saunders, Ed. Henderson, Annie Turner, Joe Parker

Warning: Mild…

Topics discussed: Sports, Farming, Landownership

Organizations discussed: Omega Psi Phi, Ethnic Services Committee

Locations discussed: Armstrong High School, Bryce House, The Falls Church, Highland Beach

Individuals discussed: Cato…

Topics discussed: Transportation, Washington D. C., Roads, Businesses

Locations discussed: 121 South Washington Street, Camp Alger, Colonel Young, Henderson Store, Fairfax Street, Virginia Training School, Williamsburg Building, Second Baptist…

Topics discussed: Employment, Businesses, Great Depression, Transportation

Locations discussed: Leesburg, Second Baptist Church, Stone Bank, Railroad Avenue, Henderson Store

Individuals discussed: William Henry Rector, Mary Jones Rector,…

Topics discussed: Spanish American War

Organizations discussed:
Locations discussed: Camp Alger, Horseshoe Hill

Individuals discussed: J.C. Hoskins

Topics discussed: Fence Law, Education, Transportation, East Falls Church Trolley, Arnold Bus Company

Locations discussed: Garrison Elementary School, Washington D.C. , Falls Church Colored School, Seven Corners, Gulf Station, Wilson Boulevard,…

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