Items in the Documents Collection

Annual Awards Banquet
Eastern Board of Officials was the first organization for African American referees to officiate African American sport competitions. The correct founding date is 1905.

Stay out of the Uline Arena
The Uline Arena was the venue for sporting events throughout the Washington DC metro area. This flyer protesting the discriminatory policy of the arena, especially the ban on interracial competitions.

A Bill to reimburse Freddie Foote
Senate Bill to reimburse F. Foote $1,095 for stores and supplies taken from him during the Civil War

Town Election
1915 Referendum vote regarding segregation within the Town.

E. B and Mary Ellen Henderson Wedding Certificate
Francis J. Grimke, Pastor, 15th Street Presbyterian Church, Washington, D. C., E. B. Henderson, Mary Ellen Henderson

James E. Lee School
A newspaper clipping describing the opening of James E. Lee School.

Certificate of Fred Foote's election to Falls Church Town Council
The election was held in 1880, following the incorporation of Falls Church as a Town.

Handwritten Meeting Minutes of Colored Citizens Protective League
Meeting held at Henderson home and attendees included Joseph Tinner, Melvin Tinner, Mr. Summeral, E. B. Henderson, Rev. Powell (Second Baptist), Rev. Colbert (Galloway). Meeting held on January 8, 1915.

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